“Who Else Wants a Jaw-Dropping Body Covered With Slabs of Dense Ripped Muscle by Copying the Exact Success Tips of the
Word’s All Time Greatest Pro Bodybuilders?

August, 2013
Clearwater, FL

monster-muscleWhen it comes to exercises, physique champions are not bound by the shackles of just doing the regular so called core exercise movements all the time; rather they are always experimenting, looking for unusual or more efficient exercises to perform.

Do as the champion bodybuilders do by closely examining the exercises you are currently performing and see if they are giving you the results you desire.

This new release from CriticalBench.com and bodybuilding historian Dennis Weis consists of an almost endless quick-check-list collection of the shortest, Most Explosively Powerful Exercise Tips & commentary Ever Published. We like to call them CHERRY BOMBS because of their EXPLOSIVE impact on muscle gains.

All of the following “how-to” Pro Bodybuilding exercise tips can be read and understood in 3-5 minutes or less, many in 60 seconds.

Many of these “quick-start” Pro Bodybuilding exercises have remained part of our daily training sessions, and they have brought outstanding results to tens of thousands of bodybuilders worldwide. Do as many others have and include these productive muscle protection exercise “quick-start tricks” to your workouts and you won’t become a VICTIM of muscle loss. Enjoy!

Over 230 pages of muscle pounding exercises tips from the pros including….Frank Zane, Vince Gironda, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Don Howorth, Gary Strydom, Lee Haney, Chuck Sipes, Larry Scott, Charles Glass, and dozens more.


 Inside of 101 Pro Bodybuilding Tips You’ll Discover:

  • The #1 squatting problem 99.9% of bodybuilders make and how if executed properly, can INSTANTLY double your lower body gains.
  • Why adding this “so-called” sissy exercise to your workout routine can FORCE your body into an anabolic, muscle building FRENZY…page 22.
  • The Inner-Outer Method to developing a rock hard body that demands respect on page 28.
  • The Gironda Style Cable Cross Over that gives you those peaking biceps that make your peers think you had surgery to place baseballs in your arms.
  • Get “Larry Scott’s 2 Little Known Tricks for Better Calves” and get 9 different calf exercise variations that will make you look like an absolute FREAK…page 55.
  • Why The “Calf Symmetry 8-Point Plan is the key ingredient to well defined calves.
  • 7 “Out of The Box” Trap exercises that will have all of your friends wondering where your neck went…pages 57-60.
  • The #1 Back Exercise needed to build wide lats to give you the hour glass shape.
  • How to get the “Christmas Tree” lower back for a more defined and ripped body…pages 74-76.
  • arnold-toonHave you ever tried a “superman dumbbell partial front raise” to bring out the striations in your chest?  Now you can!
  • 14 “weird and explosive” Chest exercises that can add inches to your chest in just a few months.
  • 4 “strange” shoulder exercises that are GUARANTEED to help you build CANNON BALL DELTS…pages 105-114.
  • The Charles Glass shoulder exercise that packs on slabs on rock solid muscle to your shoulders in no time.
  • Develop “HORSE SHOE” triceps with the 3-Way Atomic E-Z Bar Lying French Press…page 138.
  • Learn the 5 “odd” Triceps movements that will give you SLEEVE RIPPING ARMS in under 8 weeks.
  • Why This “ONE” old school muscle building biceps exercise will give you the peak every time you flex.
  • The Frank Menser recommended exercise for BULGING biceps…page 171.
  • How to do 3 “crazy” forearm exercises for a more complete physique and stronger grip strength.
  • The rectangle fix for stronger forearms and biceps…page 182.
  • The Joe Meeko abs exercise for a ripped mid section…194.
  • How to do the “ab assault workout” to develop a stronger core almost instantly.
  • One INSANE” abs exercise to perform with a BROOM that will get YOU 6 Pack Abs in no time…page 195.
  • The “EXACT” bodybuilding meal plan needed to get ripped and shredded in literally just 8 weeks whether you weight over or under 200 lbs.


 Our Insane and Unheard of Guarantee Just For YOU…

Guarantee #1: We are so confident and believe in this program that we are taking all the risk.  If you are not 100% satisfied with your $9.50 investment in “101 Pro Bodybuilding Tips” after trying it within the 60 days of making your purchase, simply email our support team and you will get a no questions asked refund.

Guarantee #2: If you try the tips and exercises from the book and do not feel we delivered on our promise, then we will pay for your next program by allowing you to pick from one of our other products. We are committed to helping you and want you to achieve success at the highest level.


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So as you can see this really is a no brainer.  Right now you have the ability to use exercises that the bodybuilding legends have used such as the legendary Arnold Schwarzenegger.  Just imagine how it would feel to be able to walk around the beach looking ripped, shredded and massive.

How would that make you feel?  How much more respect would you get?

Exactly my point.  It would feel AMAZING!  Enjoy these 101 Pro Bodybuilding Tips and being the Alpha Male everywhere you go.

Keep training hard,





Mike Westerdal, CPT, HCT, RKC
Founder, CriticalBench.com

criticabench1 at gmail.com

P.S. – Look, if you have not been able to build the ripped and muscular physique or have not gotten the results you feel you deserve, then 101 Pro Bodybuilding Tips will help you achieve your goal, ending your frustrations once and for all.  Even if just a handful of exercises from this book help you add some new quality muscle the investment would be totally worth it. 

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