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Contestant #1: Barry Martin

Stats: Lost 2 ½ inches off his waist while gaining 1 inch on his Arms & Chest while dropping 3% Body Fat.

“I ended up at around the same weight but put on muscle and decreased body fat. Thanks for the challenge Critical Bench Team.  It’s always nice to have a goal to shoot for!”



Contestant #2: Dalton Andrews

Stats: Lost 20 POUNDS and lowered his Body Fat 1% while losing 2 inches off his waist!

“Overall, this transformation contest made me get out of my comfort zone, and has made me into someone totally different than what I was back in the beginning of the year. I love the feeling and accomplishment that I was able to obtain from participating in this transformation contest. Thank you for the opportunity and the challenge.”




Contestant #3: Dennis Tudos

Stats: GAINED 5 Pounds of Lean Muscle, lost 4 inches off his waist, dropped 4% Body Fat and added an inch and a half to his arms!!!

“It feels good to be done and be in a new body, although I feel like I could have done just a bit better, I was really motivated and doing really good in the beginning thanks to all the different workout options and continued advice and email coaching.”



Contestant #4: Erik Broemmel

Stats: Lost 7 Pounds, dropped his Body Fat from 21% to 17%, gained nearly 1 inch on his arms and lost 6 inches around his waist!!

“I’ve just been watching videos and following various Critical Bench VAULT Monthly Programs.  I saw this Transformation Contest and said why not???  I can’t lose.  As a matter of fact, if there was a “last place” in the contest, that person would be better off than anyone who didn’t participate right?  So I went for it… The last 3 months have been challenging to say the least.”



Contestant #5: Kevin Holloway

Stats: Lost 9 Pounds, Dropped 2% Body Fat, and 3 inches off his waist while gaining 1 inch + on his chest, biceps and legs!

As the contest progressed, I pushed myself harder.  The last 30 days were probably my most productive.  Moving every day was a priority….The contest made me think about food, eating well, and what I ate….At the end, I felt really good!  Even though I’m not “ripped”, I’m stronger, and for the first time I made it through a winter without giving up.  That’s a great accomplishment for me…Thanks for all the help and encouragement.” 



Contestant #6: Mason “Mace” Monchek

Stats: Went from 164 LBs to 174 GAINING 10 Pounds of Lean Muscle!!!

“Participating in the Critical Bench Transformation contest was a truly rewarding experience for me.  During the first semester of my first year of college in NYC I found it difficult to stay consistent in the gym and diligent with my food….The contest was also a way for me to challenge myself, as I have struggled to put on muscle in the past.  I will definitely be participating in other contests in the future because of my great experience the past 3 months.”




Contestant #7: Steve Thomas

Stats: Dropped 12 POUNDS, 2% Body Fat, and 3 inches off his waist, while adding a full inch on his arms!

“I saw great results.  I used several Critical Bench VAULT programs during the 90 days. My favorite workouts were in the Horse Power Workout.  My strength has definitely gone up, my vertical leap and acceleration have markedly improved over the 90 days. I’ve never had my vertical and speed increase at this rate before. I definitely recommend using the power based programs to help with athleticism.”

Program Used: Horse Power Workout



Coach Chris & Coach Anthony Are NOT Eligible to Win, But Made Some Incredible GAINZ as Well!

TEAM Critical Bench

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