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Developing Overall Body Strength & Muscle Size

Here is one more program designed by Dennis B. Weis who also created 14 Day Muscle Mass.  This is one of his best sellers.  Inside you get the best of both worlds with these workouts.  It is a great resource to use right after you use “14 Day Muscle Mass”.  So if you want 90 more days of adding size and strength, then this program is EXACTLY what you need.

There’s a stereotype out there that bodybuilders are not very strong.  Using a powerbodybuilding method at the beginning of their contest cycle they’ll be able to back up the great cosmetic physique with some real world strength and power.

Likewise a strength athlete or powerlifter would like for the public to perceive them as not just someone that lifts heavy iron, but also has the rugged, solid and capable look of a finely tuned athlete.

This is why Dennis B. Weis decided to combine the best of both worlds to give you these “one of a kind” powerbuilding workout routines.


Bench Mode Training Manual & Training Logs

BENCH MODE is a full body power-bodybuilding program that is designed to increase your bench press fast.

What makes this program different is the power-bodybuilding approach which allows you to train for the  blood choked pump of a bodybuilder yet develop the brute power of a strength athlete at the same time.

If you’re strong  you need to look like a finely tuned athlete.  Ligament and tendon strength aren’t going to look good in a long sleeved shirt.  Likewise if you if you train purely for the pump with herculean size you still need to back up your cosmetic physique with some strength and power.

Enter Bench Mode!  The premier 16-week power-bodybuilding program that incorporates 4-cycles of training.  Includes percentages you’ll lift in the bench and squat along with partial training, volume training, deloads and assistance lifts.

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Book Of Methods

Dave is always quick to point out that he is not a powerlifter. He is a strongman who performs – feats of strength, and over the last decade has created many – different strength training methods, many of which are contrary to the conventional wisdom of training.

The strength training methods espoused in this book have worked incredibly well for Dave and many others who come to him for such advice. Be warned these are not the typical strength training methods you’ve seen before.

This Book also includes Specialization Training Routines for:  How to Build a Strong Back, Building Powerful Legs, How to Build a Muscular Chest, Developing Large Shoulders plus How to Build Large Triceps & Biceps.

[$39.99 Value]

Specialized Training for Feats of Strength

Big Dave Hampton reveals the planning, strategies and specific type-of training that is involved in the performance of feats of strength.

He reveals how to pinpoint the specific muscles that are involved with each particular feat of strength that he performs and how he goes about training the involved muscles with specific exercises that virtually mimic the muscle action of the feat of strength he will be performing.

For instance, when pulling dump trucks or cars chained together, performing barbell back squats to build a foundation of leg strength is a waste of time and effort. Why? Because squatting action does not contribute to the success of the two feats of strength just mentioned. In this book you will learn the seldom revealed strength methods necessary for performing feats of strength.

He’ll talk in detail about his training philosophies and why they work! He offers examples such as power lifters who are bigger and stronger in the squat, bench press and deadlift but cannot even come close to performing the feats of strength that he -performs on a regular basis.

[$19.99 Value]

Progressive-Rep Training

For Building Tremendous Arm Strength! 

The simple technique revealed in this chapter will blast your strength into another realm, if you keep at it consistently. learning this simple secret which, when applied, will keep turning your strength up level after level and most importantly keep you injury free. It’s a technique no strength athlete should do without!

While it can be used in conjunction with just about any straight line movement. compound or isolation movements such as all the power lifts, Olympic lifts, presses, curls and pull-downs.

It was primarily developed to increase biceps strength for Strict Curl contests.

[$17 Value]

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