Discover How a Skinny Weakling From New York
Went From 
Being Afraid of His Own Shadow
to a Horse Powered 230 Pound 
Muscle Man &
How You TOO Can Do The Same…

From the messy desk of Mike Westerdal, CPT, RKC
Clearwater, FL

HorsePower-4Developing a muscular and ripped physique is something that we all want.  Unfortunately, without the right foundation and background, you may never get there.  That is why I wanted to share with you and interesting story from my good friend, Alan Palmieri.  You see, Alan struggled for the longest time with poor genetics and a skinny body.

He got picked on and was made fun of to the point where he was AFRAID of his own shadow.  It was not until he discovered the “Horse Power” Workout that he gained self-confidence and and was able to turn into a 230 pound muscle freak of nature.

But before I explain what the “Horse Power” Workout is, I first must let you know about a big problem I have noticed with MANY of the so called gurus and expert workout plans out there.

The Big Problem…

Without the right foundation for your workouts, you will be like a ship without a sail.  You may go the distance, but you will NEVER go in the direction you desire as you will not be able to control the direction of the wind.

Perhaps a better example would be a house.  You do not see the construction workers randomly go onto a property and start laying cement and building walls.  They have their blueprints BEFORE they do anything.  Without laying the ground work, the house would simply not be as strong or sturdy and eventually may collapse.

The same goes for your body when it comes to getting ripped and muscular.  You MUST have this in place in order to continue to see results every time you go to the gym.

So What is The Solution?

The solution is to build the right foundation in order to turn your body into an anabolic muscle building machine.  By doing this you will have gone through all of the necessary steps to have long and lasting gains.  Of course, this will take some persistence on your part.  You will need to do some intense workouts and not slack.  The good news is you can do ALL of this with Alan Palmieri’s “Horse Power Workout”. 

What is the Horse Power Workout? It is a program designed especially for bodybuilders who desire to gain size and strength. It is suitable for intermediate bodybuilders but more adaptive for the advanced bodybuilder.

For this program to work, you must be willing to adjust your mental outlook and attitude so that you will accept some ideas that you may not fully agree with. No doubt you will be making some major changes in your workouts.

You are to workout five days per week, any five you want as long as you follow the routine just as outlined.

The program incorporates some concepts in modified version of bodybuilding, power lifting, strength training, and Olympic lifting into a routine especially designed for natural bodybuilders wanting to gain additional size and strength.

WARNING:  This program should not be followed for an extended period of time. Three months should be the maximum time on it, go back to your normal training for six to nine months and you can then repeat this program. I personally think it is good to cycle this routine into any training program once a year.


 Inside of The Horse Power Program You’ll Discover:

  • Why This ONE Muscle Building Course literally changed Alan’s approach to finally get results and how it can do the same for YOU…Page 7.
  • The Methods Alan used to deal with the Haters and stop worrying about what others thought about him.  This was a BREAKTHROUGH for him.
  • HorsePower-14How to DESTROY Your crappy genetics once and for all and get the results you have always wanted..Pages 12 and 13.
  • The “ODD” mind technique that YOU can use today to SHATTER your goals…Pages 13 and 14.
  • Why 70-85% of YOUR Efforts must be devoted to “This 9 Letter Word” in order to get LASTING RESULTS.
  • Get The Low Down on whether supplements are worth it or a waste of time…page 16.
  • Get The EXACT Core Foundation Needed to Develop The Right Training Habits for Long Term Success…Pages 22-25.
  • Why keeping track of your body part measurements will help you see your results and keep you motivated to continue.
  • The best way to not only “SET A GOAL” but ACHIEVE it by using Alan’s “WEIRD” techniques and strategies…Pages 29-30.
  • The “Horse Power Routine” that helped Alan become a 230 pound muscle building FREAK and how you too can do the same…Pages 31-36.
  • How to Use Printable Body Part Exercise Charts to keep your exercise routines varied which is key to constant gains…Pages 42-47.
  • How to keep track of how you progress with “The Horse Power Program” by taking measurements of your body parts.
  • Get Printable Meal and Workout Logs to record your meals and workouts each time you go to the gym…Pages 49-50.

 Our Insane and Unheard of Guarantee Just For YOU…


s12-red_HorsePowerGuarantee #1: We are so confident and believe in this program that we are taking all the risk.  If you are not 100% satisfied with your $4.95 investment in “The Horse Power Workout” after trying it within the 60 days of making your purchase, simply email our support team and you will get a no questions asked refund.

Guarantee #2: If you use the tips and exercises from the book and do not feel we delivered on our promise, then we will pay for your next program by allowing you to pick from one of our other products. We are committed to helping you and want you to achieve success at the highest level.


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But That is Not All…

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If you’re anything like me, following the same program for 4, 5 or 6-months straight is at best, tedious and boring.  In fact, for me 30-days is the sweet spot or perfect length for a routine before I’m ready to move on to something different. 

That’s why every single month Critical Bench Vault insiders will get a brand spanking new Workout of the Month.  Each monthly workout will be a progression from the previous month with a focus on our goals of gaining muscle, increasing strength and staying lean and healthy.  ($97 Value)


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Meet My Friend  & The Author Alan Palmieri

You probably recognize Alan’s name because he’s the author of another Critical Bench Best Selling Publication called Vince Gironda Legend & Myth.  Alan personally corresponded with Vince and wrote an amazing book sharing his experiences.  Alan is a stand up guy and one of the first mentors I had in bodybuilding growing up.  His teachings are no-nonsense and cut to the chase.  He’s all about the drug free lifestyle and putting young men on the right path.  I have all the respect in the world for Alan and it’s an honor to introduce him to you and I hope he helps you as much as he has me.

Alan Palmieri has a diverse background. In addition to being a five term mayor he has credentials in the field of business as well as politics. He operates his own business and has held positions in corporate management. At one time the owner operator of a 30,000 square foot gym, one of the largest and best equipped in the southeast. For about two years he operated his own Karate / Self Defense studio. He wrestled professionally for a short while and worked as a bouncer and bodyguard.

Over the years he has trained countless individuals and has conducted seminars and lectures on bodybuilding, as well as being the author of several published articles, courses and bodybuilding publications. He has appeared in various magazines and newsletters on bodybuilding and has appeared on TV as well as being interviewed on the radio.

He has personally trained winners of major local and state bodybuilding events, high school and college athletes and teams, professional athletes and entertainers. He has served as a judge for numerous bodybuilding events as well as promoting and holding several bodybuilding contests. He is the past State of Tennessee President of the IFBB and was awarded the prestigious IFBB Certificate of Merit.


Alan began his bodybuilding endeavors in the early 60’s during what many consider bodybuilding’s “Golden Era”. Dave Draper was and remains the epitome of what bodybuilding is all about. Back in those days you had so many greats like Scott, Poole, Sipes, Yorton, Zane, Ortiz, Pearl, Howorth, Oliva, the introduction of Schwarzenegger and of course Draper just to name a few. No period in time saw so many greats that stood as inspiration for so many. It was a time when bodybuilders had to work, go to school and sometimes both. It was a simple time with a lot of unity. People did not understand what bodybuilding was all about. Bodybuilders were more misunderstood than understood. Times have changed.

No longer active in bodybuilding, Alan continues to receive requests for information and guidance from people concerning bodybuilding and weightlifting. He has always talked against the use of drugs and steroids in the sport and promoted natural bodybuilding. No longer as intense or regular with his training, the following represents the measurements Alan possessed while he was active in bodybuilding. The before column are measurements before Alan began training. The after column represents measurements obtained at, what he considered was his peak.


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PLEASE NOTE: The Horse Power Program is a completely downloadable e-manual or PDF file. No physical product will be shipped. After you order, you’ll get INSTANT ACCESS to download product onto your computer. The format for all manuals, workbooks, checklists, etc, is adobe acrobat PDF, which can be viewed on Mac or PC.