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To be perfectly blunt with you, no matter how good the programming is for a training system it’s not worth a lick if you’re not actually following it. Don’t take this lightly, because I have an eye-opening statistic to share with you and I want you to do a gut check after hearing it, ok?

Here we go, less than 10% of people who begin any diet and exercise program wind up sticking with it for more than 30-days. The reasons for this varies from lack of motivation, lack of support, getting bored with the workouts or environment, getting too busy with life, laziness, getting comfortable, lack of seeing results, poor planning and a boat load of other reasons.

As you can see even with an incredible training program there’s still a lot to overcome with regards to sticking with your workouts.

Fortunately there is one easy thing you can do that solves this problem which is getting involved in a managed online strength training community. In fact, a year long study conducted by the Journal of the American Medical Association, participants in a managed online fitness community got Double the Results!

That’s just one reason why we’ve created the Critical Bench Vault which is a full blown support community where you’ll meet and be surrounded by people who take their strength & muscle building goals seriously. If you want results, spend time with people that are going where you want to go. It’s a simple as that. Check out just a sample of whats included within the Insiders Area…

This is just a sample from the Critical Bench Vault site. There are interviews, full blown books, workouts and reports you can access immediately upon logging in. This is definitely where our most successful clients congregate.

Try Out the Critical Bench Vault On Your Own Terms and Accept These Five Products As My Thanks For Giving It a Chance

Bench Press Explosion Yours Free ($19 Value)

The bench press has long been counted among the most important muscle and strength-building compound exercises, it is only natural that all powerbuilders want to develop a respectable bench press weight.  However, building shapely armor-plated muscles in the chest is just as important as the weight you bench.

That is the challenge I strive to address with this book.

I’ll show you how to perfect your form in an easy to understand step-by-step manner but you also get access to the very best 18 bench press specialization programs of all time.

It has taken over five years to create this masterpiece  now I’m sharing the secrets of the world’s most powerful men with you.

Chuck Sipes Power Storm Package Yours Free
($27 Value)

The late Chuck was a huge, thickly muscled man, not too tall but amazingly compact and massive.

He had ruggedness written over his physiognomy and a broad grin for everyone. But Chuck wasn’t just a muscle model he had strength & size!

At around 5’10 he weighed 220 lbs and could bench 570 lbs! (no gear) That is insane!  His arms were 19.5 inches and he had a 50 inch chest.

Did I mention he could do full squats with 600lbs and do curls with 250 lbs?

Massive Muscle Pumping Yours Free ($15 Value)

Gain Up to 25 Pounds With This 21 Day Massive Pump Cycle

Being able to show off those guns and walk around with the pump is something we all want when working out.  However, most programs only discuss some of the basics when it comes to the pump.In Massive Muscle Pumping, Dennis Weis explains some techniques that if applied correctly can cause you to grow in size, strength and have all of your friends thinking you are “ON” something.

The workout plan is only 21 days and is strategically designed to force your body into an anabolic state.  You may never have experienced a pump like this before in your life so make sure to check this program out today.

Super Arm Growth Yours Free ($20 Value)

Add Up to 1/2 Inch to Your Arms in 24 Hoursbig arms book cover
Just like the name says, you too can experience superior arm growth and walk around with sleeve ripping arms by applying some “under the radar” tactics in this book taught by bodybuilding historian, Dennis Weis.

This program is not for beginners and should only be used for those with some experience when it comes to exercising and strength conditioning.

The Neural One Day Blitz Method is a 16 stepping stone process that will allow you to create the momentum needed both physically and mentally to win the big arms race.  So if your goal is to walk around with big arms, then Super Arm Growth is exactly what you need.

The Critical Ripped Program Yours Free ($25 Value)

It takes cardio, weight training, and proper nutrition to get shredded. If any one of these ingredients is left out you’re not going to get the results you are striving for. Even if you do all three, you may not get the results you want because you’re training incorrectly to burn fat.

Have you ever seen a marathon runner? They do so much cardio it’s ridiculous but they still don’t look muscular and lean. They are working their hearts and are in great cardiovascular shape.

However, they aren’t doing the type of cardio that will burn fat, and they aren’t incorporating weight training in their routines. You really don’t want to be wasting your energy with exercise that won’t burn fat. And you don’t want to exercise properly only to ruin it with the meals you’re eating.

It’s Decision Time – Let’s Make This Time Different!

Buying a program is the easy part, but that’s not what is ultimately going to get you the results. How many times in the past have you gotten excited about something just to lose interest or give up on it before following it to completion?

Look you’re not alone, it happens to most people and it’s normal. However the Critical Bench Vault is not about being normal, it’s about getting you as Big, Strong and Lean as possible. Get motivated and stay driven toward your goals by connecting with the Web’s premier Power-Building community full of folks just like you and I who strive to gain muscle and strength without the fat.

To make this easy for you and ensure there’s nothing holding you back, I”m going to give you access for just ONE Stinking Dollar. That will include your first 14-days and the 5 free gifts pictured above for free so you can scope it all out and start experiencing the life changing material for yourself. You deserve this…lets do it!


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