Who Else Wants To Discover How to Destroy Body Fat
While Building a Ripped and Shredded Physique in
Just 8 Short Weeks?

Article by Mike Westerdal, CPT & Steve Konopka

Getting shredded is one of the best things you can do for your self-confidence. When you lose unwanted body fat your entire outlook changes. People will notice a difference not only in your physical appearance but also in your personality. You’ll have more energy and the way you carry yourself will show people you feel good about who you are. If you’re not happy with the way you look right now, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t make a change.

To do so you need to come up with a game plan. You can’t expect to have success without preparation. To achieve a goal you set for yourself you can’t just wing it. You can attempt to devise your own cutting program but there is so much information and different theories you could easily wind up wasting weeks without getting the results you’ve been working for. We’ve done the research and testing, to design a program that will transform your body into a ripped chiseled and idolized physique.

To Get Ripped You Have To Utilize “The Fat Loss Triangle

It takes cardio, weight training, and proper nutrition to get shredded. If any one of these ingredients is left out you’re not going to get the results you are striving for. Even if you do all three, you may not get the results you want because you’re training incorrectly to burn fat. Have you ever seen a marathon runner? They do so much cardio it’s ridiculous but they still don’t look muscular and lean. They are working their hearts and are in great cardiovascular shape.

However, they aren’t doing the type of cardio that will burn fat, and they aren’t incorporating weight training in their routines. You really don’t want to be wasting your energy with exercise that won’t burn fat. And you don’t want to exercise properly only to ruin it with the meals you’re eating.

That is why it is important to follow a program that tells you exactly what to eat, how to lift, and what type of cardio you should be doing to turn your body into a fat burning furnace. Each piece of the triangle should be explained in great detail to eliminate any guesswork on your end.

Triangle Tip #1: The “Little Known: Macronutrient Diet Plan

The saying is true, “you are what you eat!”  You can follow the best weight training program, get a good night’s rest, but if you do not eat the right macronutrients at the right times of the day, you are like a ship without a sail.  You will get nowhere in a hurry.  The macronutrients are composed of proteins, carbs and fats.  They are all 3 needed form survival and to building a ripped physique.  80% of your results will come from follow the right macronutrient ratio at the right times of the day.

Meal planning is the #1 reason people cannot stick to a plan.  That is why it is important to cook your meals on a Sunday so you have them in your “Glad” or “Tupperware” ready to go each and every day.  Applying this 1 tip along with a proven diet plan like the “Critical Ripped” Program will allow you to get unprecedented results in no time.

Triangle Tip #2: Don’t Spend Hours In The Gym Just To Go Unnoticed

We all lift weights for different reasons and go through different cycles in our training. It’s common knowledge that you have to mix up your routine from time to time to avoid over training, which will stunt your progress. You may be the strongest guy at the gym, but how good do you look when you take your shirt off?

A good program such as “Critical Ripped” is designed to shed body fat and reveal the shredded muscles that you’ve worked so hard to obtain. A lot of people bulk up in the winter and then want to get cut up for the spring and summer. You have to keep in mind that it takes a couple months to prepare. If you want to look your best at the beach get started early. We want to help you turn heads and develop a physique that screams for attention.

Triangle Tip #3: Run Forrest…..Run….

Cardio is by far an important element to getting that shredded and ripped physique you want.  However, cardio should only be implemented into your routine after your diet and weight training routine are on point.  Cardio should be performed after your weight training routine as your body will have used all of the glycogen (stored carbs) as energy and then it will begin to burn off body fat.

By doing 20-30 minutes of cardio 3-4 times aweek, you will ignite your body’s fat burning circuitry and destroy ugly body fat twice as fast as you would without doing cardio.

Make a Commitment to Yourself

Introducing….The Critical Ripped Program for Getting Absolutely Shredded!

The best thing about this program is that it teaches you how to speed up your metabolism and burn fat twenty-fours hours a day, seven days a week. Once you understand how your body works you’ll be able to use this program over and over and utilize the information for a lifetime. It’s written in easy to read language so that anyone can understand it, regardless of whether you are just starting off or if you are an advanced bodybuilder.

You don’t call the plumber to fix your car; so don’t ask some chump at the gym what you should do to get ripped. Talk to the experts. Your time and money is valuable. Make the investment in yourself and achieve your goals. We want to help you get washboard abs and obtain a shredded bodybuilder look.

Here is an Overview of the programThis is an 8 week program covering cardio, abs, nutrition, and weight training. If your goal is to lose body fat and reveal your shredded muscles, this program is for you.

Here’s What You’re About To Get Your Hands On…

To follow you will find the Table of Contents for your 99-page program.

I. Introduction
A. About the Authors
B. The Triangle
C. Fat Burning Tips

II. Weight Training
A. The Split
B. Duration
C. Reps & Sets
D. Exercises
E. Guidelines
F. Workout Tips

III. Cardio
A. Guidelines
B. Making Cardio Fun
C. Session Duration
D. Session Intensity
E. Equipment Review

IV. Abdominal Training
A. Abdominal Training Tips
B. Exercises
C. Reps & Sets
D. Killer Ab Workout

V. Nutrition
A. Carbohydrates
B. Protein
C. Fat
D. Nutrition Tips
E. Caloric Intake
F. Food Tips
G. Fast Food Restaurants
H. Water
I. Sample Diet

VI. Supplements
A. Top Brands
B. Recommendations
C. When To Take What & Why
D. Sample Schedule & Fat Burning Stack
E. Tips

VII. Drugs

VIII. Putting It All Together
Measurements & Pictures
Training Logs

Real Life Success Story – This Could Be You!


What The Experts Have To Say

Ingenious! Mike, The Critical Ripped Program is the first program I’ve seen that truly tells me everything I need to know without becoming a “novel” that takes days if not weeks to read. You cut out all the fluff and hype and get down to business.

I have absolutely no hesitation in saying the Critical Ripped program is a worthy investment for those looking to lean up but have no idea where to start. You’ve really designed a complete step by step training and nutrition program for those who want to get ripped.

  • *I learned how to create my own custom fat burning eating plan (what to eat, how much to eat and when to eat)
  • *I discovered the precise cardio intensity and duration I need to do for maximum fat burning and on what machines
  • *I gained a lot of understanding in abdominal training for a six pack (and I’m shocked my ab workouts can be under 15 minutes)

I simply love it! 🙂

Marc C. David
Author the Beginner’s Guide to Fitness and Bodybuilding

Mike and Steve provide the philosophy behind the program design, the program split, the exercises selected (with links to exercise demonstrations), charts to track the changes in your body, sample meal plans, detailed workout charts for every single day of the 8 weeks, resources for nutrition and supplementation, and the education that you’ll need to complete the program effectively.

There is so much detail provided, that the only way you could screw this up is to lose the eBook! This is a must have and must try workout program for anyone looking to dramatically change their body within a 2 month period of time!

David I. Bohmiller, BS, NSCA-CSCS, NASM-CPT

Mike, I think your “Critical Ripped” program is right on the mark.

It’s literally 100-pages of detailed, step-by-step instruction for getting the maximum amount of muscle and definition in the shortest amount of time. It’s not a bunch of fluff and filler that going to waste peoples’ time.

You get right to the stuff that produces results.

As a fitness expert that’s been in the game for almost 7 years now, I’ve seen a lot of hype, scams, and “fly by night” companies. But your programs and information is always something I read and find valuable.

It’s right up there with the best available. in fact, you’re on my short list of trainers I trust.

The best part of the “Critical Ripped” program is that it focuses on the 3 areas you MUST focus on if you want to get ripped…. nutrition, weights, and cardio.

If you don’t focus correctly on all 3, you will NOT become lean and muscular. And you tackle each of these areas in depth, with a step-by-step plan for each.

I mean, you cover the exercises to do, how much to do them, how often, when to do cardio, how much cardio, what types, what to eat, when to eat, and more. That literally just scratches the surface. You leave nothing out that people will need.

Kudos for a great, in-depth program that I know will produce results for people that follow the information.

If you’re reading this, debating on whether or not to try Mike’s Critical Ripped program, let me be the one to nudge you off the fence. I say “get it” if you’re looking to gain muscle and lose fat. It’s that good.

Shawn Lebrun
Owner Shawn Lebrun Fitness
Personal trainer, natural bodybuilder

“There’s a reason why CriticalBench.com is one of the most well known and widely visited training websites around today… It’s because Mike Westerdal and his team tell it like it is and deliver the no-nonsense information that trainees need to get results fast. The Critical Ripped program follows that same trend… A hard-hitting, well organized and step-by-step formula for melting off body fat and molding a head-turning body in minimum time. Having a muscular physique is great… But what good is that physique without the proper cuts, lines and definition? The Critical Ripped program will give you just that, and you won’t have to spend a fortune on supplements or hours slaving away in the gym. If you’re after serious fat burning results without the fluff, hype and filler, CriticalRipped is an excellent choice”

Sean Nalewanyj
Natural Bodybuilding & Fitness Author

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Exactly my point.  It would feel AMAZING!  So enjoy your new lean body and here is a toast to your new body!

Keep training hard,

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About the Authors:

Critical Ripped Fat Loss ProgramSteve Konopka is a recently retired professional football player for the Arena Football League. He has also acquired NFL experience with the New York Giants in 1999. Graduated from Central Connecticut State in 1998 with a degree in Exercise Science. Konopka is co-author of The Lean Mass Program & the upcoming Critical Gridiron Program 2.0. Konopka is a wizard in regards to training routines and diet strategies no matter what your goal is. He has been published throughout the Web.

Ripped Muscle BuildingMike Westerdal is the President and owner of Critical Bench, Inc. He earned his BS from Central CT State University and holds ACE Certification as a Personal Trainer. Westerdal also has experience coaching and playing professional football. His articles are published throughout the Web and in numerous weight lifting magazines including Powerlifting USA & REPS! Magazine. In his free time he enjoys competing in powerlifting and running adventure races.



Today ONLY $9

Critical Ripped Program! PDF eBook

(Includes 14-Day Trial to the Critical Bench Vault Site
After the Trial It’s $19.95 per month)

PLEASE NOTE: Critical Ripped Program is a completely downloadable e-manual or PDF file. No physical product will be shipped. After you order, you’ll get INSTANT ACCESS to download product onto your computer. The format for all manuals, workbooks, checklists, etc, is adobe acrobat PDF, which can be viewed on Mac or PC.