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headlineThe Secret is to FIRST recognize your deficient points and turn them into strengths whether your goal is strength, size or muscle definition…

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Clearwater, FL


Mirrors don’t lie. Well, the ones at the amusement park may fool you and make you laugh but the ones at the gym or at home in the bathroom do not.

We can’t fool ourselves or anyone else about our physiques. For most guys in the gym, being comfortable in their own skin is a result of dedication and hard work. Regardless of whether their reasons for lifting weights are purely for aesthetics or performance (and sometimes both).

But wouldn’t it be nice to fall asleep one night and wake up to a muscular body that took years to sculpt?

Sure it would, but then reality chimes in, [beep-beep-beep], you hit the snooze button and quickly realize you were dreaming…Darn it!

Or were you?

Is there a training ‘short-cut’ to strength gains and muscle growth eluding hardworking guys in the gym? Maybe it wasn’t a dream or some farfetched fairy tale after all.

All you would need now is to see HOW they did it. The good news is that well-known bodybuilding historian Dennis B. Weis collected these ‘secrets’ over the decades allowing you to bypass years of trial and error.

We will expose some of these proven muscle building techniques in a moment and you will be able to capitalize on the sweat of legendary lifters and apply what took them years to learn seeing results in only weeks!

But before we get to the really good stuff, we must first cover some basic gym ‘commandments’ that will allow you to accomplish your goals MUCH FASTER.


I know, I know, it sounds pretty simple but in life we tend to overcomplicate basic principles for success and I’m no different than you. It’s only human nature to be completely confused about following the pathway to success in the gym due to the abundance of literature at our fingertips.

Ultimately, having goals and guidelines to follow are the most critical factors in the search for muscle, strength and performance. But deciding WHICH program to follow based on your individual goals can be even more challenging.

Have you ever asked yourself, “What PROVEN methods am I using to gain muscle mass, improve performance or increase my strength?”

A simple question indeed but not having a solid answer is CO$TING you big time!

Working out without knowing what you’re doing is as fruitless as writing down everything you’re gonna do without ever stepping a foot in the gym. You can’t build a house without a blueprint or construct a road without a map.

But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Understanding your body, what it responds well to and what it flat out hates is super important in the iron game.

All weight lifters have “weak lifts” and all bodybuilders have deficient body parts (or at least in their opinion). What’s worse is, it can take years of pain and consistent effort to try and balance everything out and still not get there!

Some Old School Legends may proclaim that only using compound lifts will deliver the greatest overall results while others argue that muscle isolation and stimulation will always be king in the bodybuilding world.



Arnie knew how to effectively target stubborn body parts. Also known as the Austrian Oak, he not only had one of the greatest physiques in the history of bodybuilding but he was also brilliant when it came to Muscle Expansion. Prior to all the Hollywood hype, Arnold was a master at sculpting the body and he had a Method for Prioritizing “Forgotten Muscle Groups” and demanding those difficult unresponsive muscles to GROW.

But with so many Legendary Pros using multiple methods for muscle size and strength, which method is the best?

Well, depending on the individual and their ‘mission’ in the gym, ALL the methods could be considered the best. Let me explain.

In life, many of us just seem to naturally be good at certain things. What comes easy to this guy could be considered impossible for that guy.

You ever see a little kid do something effortlessly and everyone says, “oh yeah, he’s a natural…”? Of course you have.

It’s no different with barbells and dumbbells. Some guys are just MADE to be great deadlifters and may have terrible bench press ability. Others may squat a ton but not be able to pull much in comparison.

Just like one bodybuilder may have impeccable symmetry but lack size while the guy standing beside him is monstrous but has poor proportions.

These “natural strengths” (or gifts) are certainly welcomed and it’s rare for a guy to be a stud in all lifts or have perfect body parts from head to toe but of course there are always anomalies or exceptions to the rule.

Weak Point Training
has been a topic of conversation in all types of weight lifting circles through the years. However, like most struggles in life, we don’t exactly enjoy dealing with them face to face.

costa-curl350In fact, quite often it’s the opposite. People in general are great at getting comfortable with mediocrity but THAT’S NOT YOU!

I want to share with you something personal and transparent…

I too was operating on auto-pilot for several years as a very busy personal trainer having no clear direction in the gym when it came to MY body. I never gave myself a goal even though I was creating them for my clients. I was just doing what everyone else was doing, maintaining a decent physique but never getting anywhere.

I didn’t have a plan and as a result, my muscles and ability suffered. Plain and simple, I got lazy.

And then one day, BOOM, my trainer (yeah, MY trainer) gave me a plan with a deadline specializing in kettlebell training and after nearly 6 months of dedication and consistency, I was a certified Russian Kettlebell Instructor.

Talk about being rejuvenated in the gym. I gained a whole new appreciation for hard work, having a game plan, dealing with small failures and ultimately, becoming dominate at something I set my mind to.

I became a Specialist at something because I focused all my efforts on it over a specified period of time and I was passionate about achieving my goal.

#1 What works for one person, may not work for someone else. Just because your buddy saw huge gains from doing X, Y and Z doesn’t mean you will see the same development. Our body’s response to weight lifting is unique.

#2 Be honest with yourself. Know what it is you want and why you want it. Simply choosing a goal based on someone else’s interests is pointless. Let YOUR passion drive your efforts in the gym.

This is precisely why multiple methods exist for guys pumping iron and moving massive weight.

The Unparalleled Source for Overcoming Muscle & Strength Sticking Points


jackedSupreme Specialization will tackle some of the most intriguing topics in muscle & strength such as:

  • Just because an exercise is Complex doesn’t mean you should be doing it.
  • How important is the mind-muscle connection when it comes to gaining quality mass?
  • Overtraining: You can actually do it TWO ways!
  • The 4 Keys to Understanding Muscle Development.

The term ‘Specialization’ is far more involved than you previously thought, isn’t it?

It’s not just dealing with lagging body parts or focusing all of your efforts on a particular lift. Specialization is comprised of layers of strength and physique qualities not commonly considered.

Supreme Specialization not only Gives you TEN Guidelines to Govern your Success while Training but then Delivers 10 Proven Methods used by Legendary Lifters for Reaching your Strength and Physique Goals.



No matter what your particular objective is in the gym, this collection of tested techniques assembled by bodybuilding historian Dennis B. Weis will assure you results.

For instance, some guys may need to implement ‘explosive exercises’ into their workouts since they can be huge catalysts in surpassing sticking points. While on the other hand, you have a bodybuilder spending a majority of his time on ‘isolation movements’ to overcome his weak spots.

Spending an increased amount of time on the lifts you’re weakest in can have a MONSTER outcome on your strongest lifts. Let’s face it, your strengths are your strengths and even if you give them less of your time and energy, they can always bounce back quickly.

If you just can’t seem to improve on your bench press ability even though you’ve used every technique in the book, maybe the key to unlock that strength lies somewhere else? Maybe all you need to do is get better at another lift?

shutterstock_37938685Angles are everything when it comes to weight training and muscle response.

We spend so much time performing the lifts we love in the same positions over and over again yielding the same lackluster results.

That’s why it can be a game changer to ramp up your efforts with other lifts in different positions using some of the same muscles causing a BRAND NEW result. No one can argue that the Overhead Press uses the Shoulders and Triceps….it’s a fact. What are 2 of the 3 prime movers on the bench press?

Okay, I made my point. Not to sound cliché but I will anyway…

The deltoids and arms just needed to be targeted intensely at a much different angle in order to get them to respond optimally for YOUR body.

If the bench press has become your Achilles Heel, now it’s time to dedicate yourself to another complex pressing exercise in order to maximize your performance on the bench.

Supreme Specialization Equips ANY Serious Lifter With The Necessary Tools To OVERCOME Annoying Obstacles So That YOU Can Dominate The Weights In As Little As 2-4 Weeks!

shutterstock_129843572Regardless of your goal(s) in the gym, we have a solution for you.

  • Learn how to quickly and effectively Gain Size, Shape and Muscularity
  • Turn your Worst Lift into your Best Lift
  • Discover Methods that target individual body parts so that you can become more symmetrical
  • Master the “Forgotten Muscles” like legendary bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger creating unparalleled symmetry
  • Understand the importance of creating a stronger Nervous System
  • Find out how in only TWO WEEKS Frank Zane could transform his physique and be crowned a Champion
  • Understand methods to assault deficiencies in size, strength and symmetry so that your body becomes balanced
  • Identify what kind of exercises enhance the most muscle so that your time in the gym is productive
  • Learn about WHEN to spend the time on your hardest lifts and why
  • Figure out why the One Rep Gain Factor workout is superior for a real ‘Strength Advantage’
  • Discover the optimal amount of warm up time for heavy lifting
  • Recognize the difference and relationship between strong muscles and strong connective tissue
  • Find out how to effectively form the mind-muscle connection from 2X Mr. Olympia winner Larry Scott
  • Learn how to focus on strength, the pump and muscle endurance all in one workout
  • Deal with stubborn deficits keeping you unbalanced and frustrated
  • Read about “tricks” used by Legendary Trainer Vince Gironda so that you develop stronger neural pathways
  • Design your very own 3 Part ‘Hardgainer’ Program for monstrous results

And that just scratches the surface……





sealGuarantee #1: We are so confident and believe in this publication that we are taking all the risk. If you are not 100% satisfied with your $ 15 investment in “Supreme Specialization” after reviewing it within the 60 days of making your purchase, simply email our support team and you will get a no questions asked refund.

Guarantee #2: If you try the workouts/exercises from the book and do not feel we delivered on our promise, then we will pay for your next program by allowing you to pick from one of our other products. We are committed to helping you and want you to achieve success at the highest level.


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It’s only when we are open to truly learning from other’s successes and failures in the gym that we can truly tap into our own body’s strength potential.

Supreme Specialization allows you to harness the powers of old school muscle legends and catapult your efforts in the gym. You can now do what took top professionals years to learn and apply, seeing results in ONLY WEEKS. The road has been paved, now it’s time for you to have the keys, jump in and DRIVE!

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Stay Strong & Expect Greatness,

Chris Wilson, CPT, HSC, RKC
Head Strength Coach

P.S. This collection of certified muscle strengthening and mass expanding techniques took not only years but DECADES to compile thanks to writer and researcher Dennis B. Weis. This EXCLUSIVE opportunity to reference the actual exercise tips and workouts used by some of the most legendary figures to ever lift iron is incredible! Incorporating training methods from Supreme Specialization will allow you to smash through roadblocks in your weight lifting program like nothing you’ve ever used before. Enjoy!





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ONLY $15


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